Monthly Archives: September 2017

The Wedding

The Wedding feels quite different from the other Gecko shows I’ve seen (Overcoat, Institute, Dreamer).  There’s less of the usual warmth, and it’s more episodic, broken up into discrete chunks as opposed to a coherent narrative, perhaps more reminiscent of ‘street theatre’.  It feels bigger, focusing on groups of people rather than allowing us to engage… Continue Reading →

Letters to Morrissey

It is perhaps critical to the themes of this play that it’s set before the rise of the internet celebrity, in what might naively be referred to as a better time.  Of vinyl.  Of letters sent by post.  A time where there was no expectation of instant gratification.  Of old fashioned school violence.  But of… Continue Reading →

Aurillac Festival International de Théâtre de Rue

I guess you could consider this as a ‘holiday’ post, but really I thought the concept of the Festival International de Théâtre de Rue at Aurillac in Central France was relevant to what is happening in theatre everywhere at the moment.  There’s something about Street Theatre that makes it fascinating to watch.  Perhaps it’s the… Continue Reading →