The Drive

We shape our memories through the lens of the present. One person’s memories aren’t necessarily the same as another’s; the same event can be recalled in different ways. Just as importantly, how does our perception of what happened in the past influence our own future?

In The Drive at Edinburgh’s Zoo Aviary, two women drive from London to Norway to return the possessions of their deceased friend.  They discuss their memories, in particular around the death of another friend when they were Manchester students. In the car they find music and instructions that facilitate the process, not only around what happened but who they are.

This is a beautifully staged play with great movement, which could have been very static in less skilled hands, being mainly set in the front seats of a car.  There is clever use of projection, of the faces of their two friends and student parties, the trees of Alderley Edge on a picnic blanket and the European motorways on the car’s rear window.  Sound is fractured and misremembered; snippets of songs and keyboards evoke happier times.  The simple set transforms from car to ferry to picnic.

Actors Tamsin Fessey and Lynne Forbes create strong characters with complex lives and motivations; both have fascinating flaws exposed as they search their memories. We are all a product of our own unique and imperfect memories.  A very human and moving play.

Edinburgh Fringe 2017, Zoo Aviary to 19 August.

Theatre lover, amateur director, occasional actor, writer.

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