Edinburgh – The North

Further North than Manchester, further north than Edinburgh, this production at DanceBase makes clever use of space and time to create a strange and evocative landscape.

Blending elements from dance, physical theatre and puppetry, The North features dancers Solène Weinachter (Lost Dog, Gecko), John Kendall (balletLORENT), and Eve Ganneau (Scottish Dance Theatre).

John is lost in a barren, snowy northern landscape with a single tree to mark his location.  It is the silence and stillness that is striking. Two shapeshifters create the palette of life that populates this land, real and imagined.  Myth and reality, truth and illusion merge in a space where light is precious.  Even the smallest movements are important.

I love productions that can create this level of stillness.  Time feels slowed.  Our senses are heightened. The moments of dance add a powerful element of colour and texture.  A very beautiful and moving performance that leaves a strong emotional memory.

DanceBase 4-13 August 2017.

Theatre lover, amateur director, occasional actor, writer.

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