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Hot on the heels of last year’s brilliant Letters to Windsor House, Sh!t Theatre return to Summerhall with DollyWould, on the face of it a show about Dolly Parton.  Whereas Letters to Windsor House was sprawling and broad like London, DollyWould is compact and focused – and sufficiently tacky in places – as the Dolly Wood theme park itself.

This is a very well constructed show.  Behind the apparent chaos, there lies a strong message well delivered.   Woven together are strands of personal image, cloning,  living forever through an image and physical body decomposition.  Where is the division between physical presence and abstract images and memories? Dolly the person, Dolly the performer or Dolly the sheep.

It’s very Sh!t Theatre in style, mixing song, physical theatre, video, spoken word and personal journeys together to construct the performance. As we enter, the stage has body bags of balloons on the rear wall, a swing, a photocopier,  swathes of white fabric. Throughout the show there is very clever use of props.

What I think marks this production out is what has been left out, the gaps that the audience are left to fill in themselves.  The topics are deadly serious but the delivery is deceptively light. Intelligent, wonderfully funny and highly thought provoking.



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  1. Amanda says:

    Jealous!!! Hope to catch this soon.

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