We’d like to believe that we live in a world of complete social mobility where achievement is on merit. Certainly our politicians would like us to.   And perhaps to an extent we do, financially.  But how do we deal with the emotional complexity of social mobility?

Mobile from Paper Birds (at Ramsbottom but as part of Bury Met’s programme) examines whether you can truly leave behind the place and the norms from where you came.  Do you ever stop feeling like a fraud, an imposter? Or do you turn your back on your past so completely that you shut your mind to the paradoxes within your life?

I remember at 13 being called into the school office to be told I would be getting the free school uniform bursary because mum could no longer afford to pay for it.  Seven years later I spent the first term at university in a fog trying to make sense of the rarified world I found myself in.  Over time you learn what is required to fit in.  Perhaps you change your past. Perhaps you become someone you’re not. Certainly you learn the new rules.

In this production ‘Cindy’ takes you through her life in an impressive piece of storytelling interspersed with verbatim accounts. Set in a caravan for an audience of eight, the focus is on the emotional issues of social mobility,  leaving just enough space to add in your own experiences.   Technically complex with perfectly timed scenes, it’s a production that takes you along the road of trying to reconcile your past with your future.

Was that a snippet of John Lennon’s Working Class Hero I heard as Cindy briefly opens a cupboard door?  In every way this is a moving and brilliant show.

Various venues over the summer including Bury Met, Waterside Arts Sale and HOME.



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