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Spring Reign

War is fed to us through media that commoditises suffering.  We see the consequences but often the place looks like a film set and the bodies are anonymous, two dimensional.  We cannot imagine how people feel to be displaced and to endure day after day of fear and suffering. The horror of war is best… Continue Reading →


If there was one show I wished I’d seen in Edinburgh 2016, this was it.  Tank, from Breach, a story about experiments with a dolphin over fifty years ago.  A bizarre premise for a play, but of course it’s not just about that.  Really it’s about communication, sexual politics and how we might talk to aliens.  And… Continue Reading →

FLARE 4 to 8 July

‘FLARE is a unique festival,’ says Artistic Director Neil Mackenzie as he launches the 2017 programme running from 4-8 July. ‘We want to truly engage, challenge and reward an audience… theatre is broader and wider than it is sometimes given credit’.  Certainly the line up of fifteen main performances and five student ‘Future Flares’ is fascinating…. Continue Reading →