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Date Night at the Theatre

When you meet someone new do you run your finger along their bookshelves, wondering which are their favourites, which worlds they inhabit when they are alone? Or take them to the theatre, Show them what is in your head, The worlds you want to create, The characters you want to believe in? You’ve checked the reviews,… Continue Reading →


Moth looks at what happens when young people become outsiders at school; when they are bullied for being different.  What are the consequences when this is wrapped up with mental health issues?  Ransack Theatre bring Australian Declan Greene’s play Moth to the delightful surroundings of Hope Mill Theatre. The play is constructed entirely by the… Continue Reading →

Macclesfield Potato Riot

It’s easy living in the middle of Manchester to miss the wide range of community events going on in the North West.  But Macclesfield has a special place in my heart (I direct amateur theatre at MADS, and I was performing spoken word in Mash after this event) and there was a Potato Riot taking… Continue Reading →

Manchester Theatres – Competition or Collaboration?

Should Manchester’s theatres compete or collaborate?  At the moment Manchester’s theatre scene is vibrant, with a depth of performance that offers the ordinary theatregoer much choice each night, from musicals and classic theatre to cutting edge multidisciplinary performance and fringe.  When the Factory opens in 2020 we will hopefully have a large world class venue…. Continue Reading →

Tenant of Wildfell Hall

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall tells the story of Helen Graham (Phoebe Pryce), who arrives at Wildfell Hall with a young child and maid.  Gilbert Markham (Michael Peavoy) is attracted, but her life is a mystery until she presents him with a journal that tells her shocking past.  Directed by Elizabeth Newman and adapted by Deborah… Continue Reading →