Manchester International Festival MIF17

MIF17 reveal their line up for this year’s Festival, and there are some fascinating theatre performances.

Yael Bartana’s ‘film and performance project’ What if Women Ruled the World? directed by Vicky Featherstone and performed in Mayfield, sees a group of 11 women confronted by an urgent crisis of our time.  A mix of actors and experts, they try to solve the emergency that faces them.  A chance to see some brilliantly unpredictable and challenging theatre.

Cotton Panic! an ‘Industrial musical drama’, combines live music, drama, words and film to tell the story of the catastrophic effect on the local cotton industry as a result of the US Civil War in 1861.  Jane Horrocks performs.

Party Skills for the End of the World is an immersive show in a secret venue that aims to teach the essential skills needed to survive the collapse of civilisation.  Unlikely to be a show you can just passively watch.

Fatherland at the Royal Exchange brings together Frantic Assembly’s Scott Graham, Underworld’s Karl Hyde and playwright Simon Stephens for a ‘deeply personal portrait of 21st Century England’, using the father relationship as a starting point for an exploration of identity, masculinity and nationality.

Returning to Reims is a coproduction with HOME and Berlin’s Schaubühne, directed by Thomas Ostermeier and starring Nina Hoss, who reflects on her own background as the daughter of a union leader and activist.  How has her personal history affected her place in the world? And as populism marches around the globe, does political activism still have a role to play?

Theatre-Rites bring The Welcoming Party to 1830 Warehouse in MOSI, a show aimed at children and adults that blends puppetry, performance, dance and live music.  What does it mean to feel different?  How does it feel to come to Manchester from a different place?



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