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As part of Queer Contact, 201 Dance Company present Smother: Can you stay true to yourself, when everything suggests you change? … A story of two men’s broken encounter. Performed by seven dancers and backed by a beautiful soundtrack, this is an impressive production. It’s apt that for Valentine’s night the focus is on love and relationships.  Comprised of a… Continue Reading →

The House of Bernarda Alba

Graeae Theatre Company and the Royal Exchange present Lorca’s The House of Bernarda Alba, translated by Jo Clifford and directed by Jenny Sealey.  Graeae are known for ‘seamlessly weaving audio description, captioning and BSL.. as well as placing disabled artists centre stage’.  I was amazed not only how seamlessly it all fitted together but how the… Continue Reading →

A Kidnapping

The latest production at Hope Mill is A Kidnapping, presented by Swaggering Crow.   One Van. Two plonkers.  What occurs to you when your bungled Kidnapping goes awry? Aaron and Rob are running out of time, with their unfortunate hostage and their nefarious overseer. A Vauxhall van fills the stage, broken down in isolated woods.  When… Continue Reading →


You pretty well know what you’re going to get with Gaslight, the Victorian mystery thriller at Oldham Coliseum.  It’s an incredibly popular choice amongst audiences, and why not, it’s a well written play with fascinating themes. Writer Patrick Hamilton addresses the way in which a man can manipulate his wife, making her doubt her own… Continue Reading →

I Told My Mum I Was Going On An RE Trip

‘There are no paths without consequences’ says Aizah Khan’s Doctor character.  This is a play that deals with complex choices where there are often no right answers. ***this post discusses abortion you may choose not to read further***     Contact and 20 Stories High present I Told My Mum I Was Going On An… Continue Reading →