I Told My Mum I Was Going On An RE Trip

‘There are no paths without consequences’ says Aizah Khan’s Doctor character.  This is a play that deals with complex choices where there are often no right answers.

***this post discusses abortion you may choose not to read further***



Contact and 20 Stories High present I Told My Mum I Was Going On An RE Trip, a frank and engaging look at abortion.

‘A multi-talented young female ensemble use verbatim text, live music, beats and rhyme to portray the stories of real women who’ve experienced pregnancy and abortion’

The challenge with verbatim text is to select the most appropriate material to provide both content and pace. This production excels.  The impressive cast of four (Aizah Khan, Dorcas Sebuyange, Emma Burns, Jamie-Lee O’Donnell) each follow the story of a woman going through an abortion, whilst also creating other characters in their worlds.  There’s an effective balance between the experiences to show contrasting sides of the story.  Towards the end they run through threads they rejected, which reinforces the strength of the decisions they have taken on which material to include.

There are six or seven distinct stages, each presenting the facts and dilemmas at specific points in the journey. At the start of each stage the cast synchronise mp3 players. Throughout, they speak in time with the recording of the interview they hear. Characters are completely convincing in their realism and outlook.  Emotion, accent and personal responsibility all shine through.  The certainty of the synchronisation sits uneasily with the difficult choices the women have to make.

It’s a play that is beautifully presented, intelligently acted and thought provoking, balanced in dealing with a topic that is insufficiently discussed. If there is a moral it’s that the provision of safe procedures and  sound emotional support makes all the difference.

At Contact until 4 Feb them touring.

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