Monthly Archives: January 2017

The Trial

People Zoo bring Franz Kafka’s The Trial to HOME as part of the PUSH Festival.  After successful runs at the Greater Manchester Fringe and the Edinburgh Fringe, this was a production I’d looked forward to seeing.  And in almost every way it didn’t disappoint. Josef K. awakes on his thirtieth birthday to find he has… Continue Reading →

Morale is High

What would you want to know about the world in 2020?  HOME’s Push2017 Festival opens for me with Morale is High (Since We Gave Up Hope), ‘The debut from Hodgkiss Award-winning Powder Keg; a theatre-meets-gig that smashes pop and politics in some space age futuristic Hadron Collider, to create an ongoing evaluation of our political climate.’… Continue Reading →


There are many ways to present the housing crisis on stage. Letters to Windsor House took a humorous, observational view, leaving you to draw your own conclusions. Cathy, at the Royal Exchange Studio, lays bare the reality of the present situation, reminiscent of the style of the recent film I, Daniel Blake.  Interspersed with the… Continue Reading →

Cream Faced Loons (Twelfth Night)

As I left the performance space for Cream Faced Loons’ Twelfth Night, smiling broadly, I just thought ‘I loved this production’, and yet it was hard at first to define why.  Staged in an upstairs room at Z-arts, the audience sit at circular tables as if at a hotel party, indeed the setting is the Illyria… Continue Reading →