Wow! Said The Owl

Venue:  HOME

Dates:  14 – 30 Dec 2016, mostly 10.30 and 1.30.

Target age:  2 to 5.

What’s the story?  An owl stays awake and sees the vibrant colours of the day.

How is it done?  A simple canopied set, an engaging performer, puppets, shadow puppets, evocative lighting, colourful and well designed costumes.

What’s good for kids?  This is a beautifully put together show for young children, with the puppet owl the central focus of the story.  It moves quickly between short scenes with props cleverly hidden in the stage to ensure fast transitions. The show is built around the vibrant colours of the day, reinforced by brightly coloured costumes and effective lighting. The young audience were engrossed.

What about adults?  It’s a well told story, and the action moves forward convincingly. There are some nice effects – constructing a swan from tissue, and teasing a plant from a guitar.

What can grown up theatre learn from this?  The action moves forward quickly, and scene changes are avoided by very careful set design. The performer works hard to earn the audience’s attention, maintaining a lovely pace that invites the audience into the story.



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