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You’re first caught by the sheer scale and yet intimacy of the set for HOME’s production of Ghosts.  This is a complete house that looks impressive and yet ultimately none of the inhabitants want to be there.  Ken Nwosu (who plays Osvald Alving): ‘It evokes the idea of Styx. Every time Osvald gets the boat across, he… Continue Reading →

Key Change

I first came across Open Clasp Theatre Company at a ‘Rediscovering the Radical’ Theatre Conference in Liverpool in September.  They came highly recommended.  Their production touring to Contact, Key Change is an ‘illuminating portrayal of women in prison‘, an exploration of how domestic violence affects women. This is a play that says very little against ‘men’ and… Continue Reading →

Streetwise Opera

The hall fills completely with music and voice from the twenty participants.   In this scene the cast are trying to topple a statue.   As they sing, from the front they pull ropes, from the rear they push.       Kingdoms come and Kingdoms go,       We will never lose our power,  … Continue Reading →

Some People Talk About Violence

Barrel Organ bring Some People Talk About Violence to the Royal Exchange studio.  ‘Expect people, or just ideas, in mindless frustration, on the edge of some kind of revolt’. The outline of the story is set right from the start.  A girl is arrested but instead of phoning her mother she phones her brother in Thailand…. Continue Reading →

Live 3 from Barrel Organ

As part of Barrel Organ’s stay at the Royal Exchange with ‘Some People Talk About Violence’, they also presented a live scratch night ‘for experimental and non-traditional work that specifically acknowledges the presence of the audience and plays with the ‘liveness’ of theatre’. The thing about scratch nights is that they are an invaluable way… Continue Reading →