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The Royal Exchange ‘s B!rth Festival (link) opens with two plays on the subject of state control, one from India, the other from China.  Both plays illuminate very real issues in each country.  Both plays consider situations where science and superstition collide.  Both address big issues through very personal scenes. ‘And all along you thought… Continue Reading →


My final event at HOME’s Orbit Festival is Domestica from Sleepwalk Collective.  It’s been an incredible few weeks and this is a strong show with which to finish.  So much so that I see it twice, over consecutive evenings. Domestica is like a favourite painting that you return to again and again.  You sit in… Continue Reading →


Just opposite the Briton’s Protection, on the site of the old Bauer Millett car dealership, the new 53two theatre and arts space has been formed in the arches.  You can just about hear the low rumble of trams above, but the theatre space has great character and quite remarkable acoustics.  Still in the process of being… Continue Reading →

Two Man Show

You went to see a show about masculinity and patriarchy? ….. Yes, it’s the new show from Rash Dash. Why did you go to see that? ….. They’re important issues.  Maybe people need to talk about them more. But we’re fine, aren’t we? ….. Are we? I think so.  Well, I don’t know.  If I’m… Continue Reading →

Burning Doors

Entering the packed auditorium at Contact for Belarus Free Theatre’s Burning Doors, a young man beside me ventures ‘I’ve got that feeling that you get before a roller-coaster’.  And yet it’s not so much a roller coaster thriller as much as a relentless and absorbing two hour descent into the depths of the Russian prison… Continue Reading →