Monthly Archives: September 2016

Streetcar Named Desire

The second half of the Royal Exchange’s production of A Streetcar Named Desire is one of the best hours of theatre you’ll see in Manchester this year.  This is a performance of such intensity, especially from Maxine Peake (Blanche DuBois) and Ben Batt (Stanley Kowalski), who is particularly strong throughout.  The green baize set is perfect… Continue Reading →

October theatre

What’s looking good for October? My clear favourite for October is at Contact where Belarus Free Theatre perform Burning Doors.  ‘What happens when you are declared an enemy of the state simply for making art? Where do you belong when your government suppresses your basic right to expression? And how do you survive in one of the… Continue Reading →

Sans Merci

At times difficult to watch, Sans Merci (by Johnna Adams) is a beautifully written and sensitive portrayal of both the relationship between a mother and her daughter, and the reality of women in places of conflict.  Following on from the success of Orphans, Manchester theatre company Play With Fire deliver yet another production that makes… Continue Reading →