Monthly Archives: August 2016

Edinburgh – Camille

Camille, performed by Kamila Klamut at Summerhall, looks at the life of Camille Claudel, hugely influential but underrated sculptor.  It’s one of the saddest creative stories of the last hundred years, a sculptor who heavily influenced, maybe even bettered, Rodin, but succumbed to prejudices against women who wanted to live their lives outside established norms of… Continue Reading →

Edinburgh – Dance Base

Off the Fringe track, but just at the far end of the Grassmarket, Dance Base is the place to discover new dance in Edinburgh.  Always fresh, sometimes challenging, the schedule is varied and interesting.  And amidst the frenetic Fringe, it’s a haven of quiet for a few hours. This year I see two shows. The… Continue Reading →

Edinburgh – Ada/Ava by Manual Cinema

Spoiler:  I love shadow puppets, and I think it’s one of the most underrated performance techniques, at least in the UK.  I’ve seen a few over the years at the Fringe, and they’re normally for younger audiences or a bit niche.  But done well, shadow puppets can create performances of rare beauty.  The Underbelly Potterow venue… Continue Reading →

Edinburgh – Teatro Delusio

The Pleasance Grand is a large space to fill, especially on a wet afternoon.   But mask and mime theatre makers Familie Floz pretty well manage it with Teatro Delusio. The set is backstage at the theatre and three stagehands are working hard to keep the show running to plan. At first we see the… Continue Reading →

Edinburgh – Faslane

Jenna Watt lives close to Faslane, near Helensburgh, just up the Clyde from Glasgow.  That’s where the UK’s nuclear deterrent, Trident, is stationed.  It’s also where many from within her family have worked for over twenty years.  How can she reconcile her conflicting emotions about Trident? The show recounts Jenna’s discussions with people on both… Continue Reading →