One day in Edinburgh

How to spend one day at the Edinburgh Fringe*?  I tend to stay at Pollock Halls, one of the few affordable places in Edinburgh if you want to sleep in a bed.  There’s also the huge buffet breakfast, perfect to start the day.  From there it’s a short walk to Summerhall.

First show would be Us/Them at Summerhall (10.00-11.00).  This is an incredibly moving theatre/physical theatre piece about a school terrorist attack. My top pick of the Fringe this year.

Then it’s ten minutes to George Square for some timeless physical theatre, Derevo’s Once, Assembly George Square (11.30-12.50).  A moving fairytale that will leave you speechless. 

Back to Summerhall from 13.35-14.35 for Letters to Windsor House, a clever and funny take on the serious topic of affordable housing.

Is that a gap for a late lunch?  Take your pick from the cafes along the way.

From 16.00-17.00 Ada/Ava at the Underbelly Potterow shows the potential of an unusual medium with the most beautiful shadow puppets with live music.  Spellbinding.

DSC_0353On to what must be one of the smallest venues, Assembly Box, for How to Win against History (17.40-18.45).  It’s a musical about Henry Cyril Paget, the 5th Marquis of Anglesey who spent his fortune on his own plays, and it’s very funny, cleverly written and asks who writes history?

I don’t do much comedy, but Orlando Baxter in the Pleasance Attic (19.00-20.00) is first rate comedy from an ex-teacher with strong views on the US education system.  Well put together with great stories, this could easily be political theatre in today’s climate.

Finally back to Summerhall for Camille (21.10-22.10), a powerful performance about Rodin’s muse/collaborator woven around fragments of memory.  And of course Summerhall is a great place to end up, decent food and drink, and the atmosphere, especially on a warm night, is just right.

*note: insert beer as required

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  1. Andrew Wild says:

    We will be there next week 🙂

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