Edinburgh – Once

Physical Theatre company Derevo bring their classic piece Once to the Assembly George Square Theatre.

A fairy tale dedicated to the eternal child living in us all … a groundbreaking masterpiece of love, longing and laughter.

Drawing on dance, physical theatre, mime and elements of clowning, Once charts a doomed love affair that stretches our imagination.  It has the feel of a classic, impeccably polished and yet with moments of mayhem.  Pace is electric, veering continuously from one idea to the next.  They fly away on comets; there is a duel; moments of cinematic fantasy combine effortlessly with real life situations.  The music is loud, the lights are bright and the energy is high.  Then there are moments of real tenderness.  It’s an effective mix.

This is an incredibly talented group of performers, and an accomplished show.  A great way into this genre.

Theatre lover, amateur director, occasional actor, writer.

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