Edinburgh – Letters to Windsor House

Letters to Windsor House from Sh!t Theatre with Show and Tell, at Summerhall, is loosely based around whether or not you can open previous tenants’ mail.  And whether you are able to trace those tenants, some of whom seem to just disappear.

But what the show really addresses is how difficult it is to find realistic affordable housing in London, about just how big is the gap between affordable housing and the expensive new developments. And it is a brilliant show full of life and energy.

Using a mix of recorded film, songs, spoken word, physical theatre and post box outfits, the talented pair of actors produce a show that moves effortlessly from the observational minutiae of daily life to the bigger housing issues in their area.

Pace is perfect and all the elements combine seamlessly to create the desired impact.  You come away smiling, but you’re definitely thinking about the serious issues raised.

Theatre lover, amateur director, occasional actor, writer.

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