Why the balloons?  I don’t get it?  What’s all this about?

Word of Warning brought their biannual HAZARD festival to St Ann’s Square, Manchester, on 9 July 2016.  Bringing together an eclectic mix of performers, audience and passers-by were presented with works to challenge and to enjoy.  If there was a theme, it was having fun whilst being encouraged to think about wider issues.

Immediately, I am persuaded to take part in Instant Dissidence’s Dancing with Strangers: from Calais to England.  I put on headphones and listen to refugee Yodite Melku talk about her favourite dance, and follow the moves from Rita Marcalo.  Me, dancing in St Ann’s Square, who would have thought?  There may be video here at some point.

Then it’s on to Output Arts’ Running with Scissors, a playful take on our health&safety obsessed culture.  Bedecked in an array of helmets, hi-vis vests and first aid kits, clearly a full risk assessment has been carried out.  It’s a race, but you can only move forward when someone else invites you; politeness wins.

The start of the 'Running with Scissors' race

The start of the ‘Running with Scissors’ race

Down an alley is Jin Bells’ Head in Hole 2016.  Looks simple, but I think it really makes you question your relationship with your city, and to see things in a new light.

Jin Bells 'Head in Hole 2016'

Jin Bells ‘Head in Hole 2016’

Then back to St Ann’s Square, shoppers walking past either participating, interested, bemused or not engaging. Some really fascinating stuff!

Human mini-golf

Human mini-golf

Sexcentenary – We refuse to be unseen – Disrupting public space

Ali Wilson + Jessica Gibson - Pair of Pears

Ali Wilson + Jessica Gibson – Pair of Pears

unearthed collective's 'Inflated Hazard - dicing with dystopia'

unearthed collective’s ‘Inflated Hazard – dicing with dystopia’

‘Out of Thin Air’ from Elena Koukoli + Andreas Papapetrou

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  1. […] I got our pear costumes on to perform in Hazard 2016 as Pair of Pears (see a review of the festival here) and Bry, Tim and I trekked out to Old Trafford to see Beyonce live. Of course, it was incredible. […]

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