ALL IN at ¡Viva!

HOME’s ¡Viva! Festival runs from 7 – 24 April 2016 and is an impressive mix of Spanish and Latin American film and, for the first time this year, theatre.  Barcelona theatre company Atresbandes bring ALL IN to the studio space.

Very much in tune with the type of theatre put on at last year’s Flare Festival (Triple Bill , Whoaa Steady!), this is a surreal, darkly funny and physical production that encompasses a much bigger issue.  ‘Behind the humour and swirling imagery lies a deeper exploration of how the tyranny of the crowd annihilates the individual.’  Mixing the minutiae of a domestic cooking scene with panoramic footage of the uniformity of a North Korean staged ceremony, and adding a pounding music track, this is one of those shows that changes pace so quickly that at times it’s hard to keep up.  But it works, it’s emotionally engaging and visually strong, and there are fascinating, clever scenes.  In the end, it comes together well.

It’s different, there’s no question about that.  If you haven’t seen theatre like this before then it might come as a surprise.  But if you’ve seen shows at Flare, or some of the Word of Warning productions, this could be right up your street.  If there’s ever been a time to try something different, this could be it.

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