Smoke Signals

Smoke Signals is a sonic and visual art installation from Ed Carter and David Cranmer, set in the main room of the Anthony Burgess Foundation.  It’s part of Future Everything, a Festival of Ideas and Culture in Manchester, which this year focuses on how we can rethink the Earth’s resources.

The installation ‘takes data beyond the confines of the screen to visualise digital interaction. Turning the data of seven arts organisations into a visual and sonic experience, Smoke Signals invokes a physical presence of data streams, with each signal and sound indicating the movements of data within the contemporary online network.’

Visually the effect is hypnotic.  In the black and white environment, smoke rings are fired diagonally like fireworks; at times they interact chaotically with each other.  Otherwise they slow, fade and disappear.  It is reminiscent of the smoky pubs of the seventies, people showing off by blowing smoke rings into the air.  Subtle but mesmerising.

Thurs 31 March – Sat 2 April, on the hour from 10.00 to 16.00, Anthony Burgess Foundation, free.

Theatre lover, amateur director, occasional actor, writer.

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