Monthly Archives: March 2016


Zero is the latest production from Just Talk Theatre Company, who brought the impressive Room to Joshua Brooks in September.  This time it’s the Eagle Inn in Salford, and it’s an original piece of writing from Robin Lyons.  This play looks at what happens to those left behind after a suicide, and the different reactions of… Continue Reading →

Bucket List

I loved Light from Theatre Ad Infinitum, which I described as bridging the gap between pure ‘physical theatre’ and ‘theatre’.  Now they’re back with a work in progress of a new show Bucket List.  Theatre ad Infinitum are an Associate Artist of the Lowry Studio, and the two have worked together for the last seven… Continue Reading →

One Flesh

One Flesh, performed at the King’s Arms from 29 Feb – 1 Mar, is the latest play from writer and director Naomi Sumner.  When you have to choose between church, family and the person you love, where do you find the answers?  This play addresses the conflicts and challenges within the church’s approach to same sex marriages…. Continue Reading →

Negative space (white room)

How do you define great performance?  Is it the technical accomplishment?  Is it how you feel at the end of the show?  Or is it how long the ideas and images from the show stay in your mind?  I can’t get Reckless Sleepers’ Negative Space out of my head. The company describe Negative Space as a… Continue Reading →