Bucket List

I loved Light from Theatre Ad Infinitum, which I described as bridging the gap between pure ‘physical theatre’ and ‘theatre’.  Now they’re back with a work in progress of a new show Bucket List.  Theatre ad Infinitum are an Associate Artist of the Lowry Studio, and the two have worked together for the last seven years.

Bucket List ‘tells the story of Mexican orphan, Milagros, her journey from the sweatshops of Ciudad Acuña to Harvard University, and what happens when the promise of a better life begins to unravel.  Part rags-to-riches, part revenge story, Bucket List utilises an extreme style of physical storytelling, live instrumental music and song, to explore themes of social mobility, neo-colonialism and freedom versus fate in modern Mexico.’

A large part of this production is set around the maquiladoras of Mexico – factories that operate as low-cost offshore assembly operations for predominantly US companies.  The cast of six (plus musician) strongly evoke the life and conditions of this world using some inventive combinations of spoken word, physical theatre and song.  The game of chess is beautifully woven into the narrative.  This is a very talented company that knows how to use the space to tell their story.

Despite being billed as a ‘work in progress’, the production was remarkably complete, and all credit to both the company and the Lowry in seeking to explore ways to make it even more powerful.  Clearly the support from the Lowry have enabled Theatre ad Infinitum to invest significantly in the development of this production.  It’s a great example of how our theatres can ensure that new work is the best that it can be.

Find more information on the Lowry’s Associate Artists here.

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