Monthly Archives: February 2016

Greek Theatre

Two productions based around Greek plays come to Manchester at the end of this week. Crystallise Theatre bring Medea to the Anthony Burgess Foundation on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 February.  ‘Based on the classic Greek tragedy, this modern re-telling of the story will have you on the edge of your seat. Centred on a… Continue Reading →

Pitmen Painters

A play about pitmen who become successful painters in the 1930s?   Five miners decide that as part of their education programme they want to learn about art.  Their tutor encourages them to paint.  The result is a group that produces a unique form of art.  But are they valued for their quality or their curiosity?  Can… Continue Reading →

Sababa – Northern Souls

Sababa – Northern Souls is a new play performed for two nights over Valentine’s weekend at St Werburgh’s Hall Theatre in Chorlton.    Unusually for a play, there were short presentations beforehand from the writer, and representatives of the Muslim, Jewish and Christian faiths. By the writer, Nakib Narat:  “Sababa – Northern Souls” is intended to be… Continue Reading →

God and the Dancing Bear

Dancing Bear is a new production commissioned by Contact and presented as part of Queer Contact Festival 2016. ‘Dancing Bear uses dance, live music, text and drag cabaret to tell a story full of compassion, candour and humour, looking at the often desperate balancing act many gay people continue to face between personal integrity, social… Continue Reading →


I think I have seen Macbeth more than any other play.  In truth I’m not sure why.  It’s by no means a favourite play.  I wonder if there is the potential in the story to be a great play, and I’m always searching for that.  From a sparse but interesting performance at the Reading Hexagon… Continue Reading →