Die Fuchsiade

I don’t normally write about what I see outside the North West, unless the show is coming here.  This one won’t, I’m sure of it.  But it seems a very relevant show to discuss in the context of what HOME is doing.  This show is Die Fuchsiade, which I saw at Timisoara’s German State Theatre in Romania.

Die Fuchsiade is an absurdist play showing ‘the odyssey of Fuchs, starting with his birth: “Fuchs, upon being born, chose to come out through one of his grandmother’s ears, his mother having no musical ear to speak of”. Fuchs has musical talent, so he becomes a piano virtuoso. One night he travels with his piano and gets to a dark area where, for three hours, performs “various exercises of legato, staccato” dedicated to the Vestals of Pleasure. Venus hears the music, feels drawn to Fuchs and invites him for a night in Olympus.  It’s worth watching the video here which gives a really good idea of what it looked like.

The point is that I can only take the play at face value, based on what I see before me.  I don’t have much to compare it to, with little knowledge of German theatre.  Whilst I found it fascinating, others with more experience in this field might point to strengths and weaknesses I had not identified.  I loved the use of symbolism, of myth, of movement and mime instead of text.  I loved the quick transitions from intensity to humour, from emptiness to love.  Characters were given space and time to make their point; the pace felt natural, organic, unforced.  It was a very different type of theatre; the closest I have seen in Manchester would be Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hour Glass (one of my picks of 2015) or Golem (at HOME).

HOME offers a chance to see shows like this, and for us to catch a glimpse of theatre that is done in different ways.  Watching Die Fuchsiade, I realise that HOME is only just scratching the surface of what exists abroad.

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  1. Andrew Wild says:

    This opens at Stockport Plaza in three weeks.

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