Monthly Archives: January 2016

I Heart Catherine Pistachio

I love this type of performance.  Intelligent, well thought through, combining great dialogue with powerful physical theatre, leaving you at the end with an emotional reaction that you can’t fully rationalise. I Heart Catherine Pistachio is a story of domestic abuse in a normal suburban household.  Or as Encounter Theatre’s website says ‘a dangerously dark physical comedy… Continue Reading →

When I Feel Like Crap

..or the full title When I Feel Like Crap I Google Kim Kardashian Fat. This is verbatim performance, the stories gathered from women aged 16-90, and deals with body image and self esteem.  Just like their other show, What’s the Matter with You?, Mighty Heart Theatre take a complex subject that is often difficult to talk… Continue Reading →


Technically W;t, but let’s call it WIT, is a Pulitzer Prize Winning Play by Margaret Edson.  WIT charts how a professor of metaphysical poetry deals with stage four ovarian cancer.  Except that it doesn’t just do that.  WIT really is a celebration of what makes life what it is, and how we deal with the… Continue Reading →

Die Fuchsiade

I don’t normally write about what I see outside the North West, unless the show is coming here.  This one won’t, I’m sure of it.  But it seems a very relevant show to discuss in the context of what HOME is doing.  This show is Die Fuchsiade, which I saw at Timisoara’s German State Theatre in Romania…. Continue Reading →

A-Bomb on Broadway

A-Bomb on Broadway from 1121 Collective is described as ‘a decade spanning, post-apocalyptic epic charting the memories and dreams of individuals as the world burns’ and a ‘journey into the fractured minds of a doomed generation’. As a piece of performance it’s well staged, with impressive movement and clever use of simple props.  The cast of four are… Continue Reading →