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Into the Woods

The thing about putting on a classic piece of musical theatre is that you’re going to get a range of audience.  There will be those that love it – a past production, or the film.   Then there are those like me that are completely new to it.  And I strongly believe that any piece of… Continue Reading →

Five reasons why ‘What’s the Matter with You?’ is such a great show

I was fortunate to interview the team behind What’s the Matter With You?  the new play from Mighty Heart Theatre performed at the Waterside Arts Centre in Sale from 26 – 28 November.  It’s a really impressive production, which will be shown again on 23 January as part of HOME’s PUSH Festival.  Here are five reasons why I love this… Continue Reading →


Set in 2011, the play 13 by Mike Bartlett and performed at HOME studio by Manchester School of Theatre should be the perfect script for today.  The Prime Minister must decide whether to bomb a foreign country (here Iran) in the face of public opposition.  Public opinion is channelled through John, a mysterious leader who has… Continue Reading →

December theatre in Manchester

December can mean only one thing in theatre and that’s Christmas shows. HOME has brought us some innovative theatre in its first year (Dead Dog in a Suitcase, Golem, The Funfair) so it will be fascinating to see what Artistic Director Walter Meierjohann does with Inkheart.  Running from 4 Dec – 9 Jan, this adaptation of Cornelia Funke’s best-selling fantasy adventure… Continue Reading →