Whose Sari Now?

Whose Sari Now? is the latest offering from Rasa Productions.  Written and performed by Rani Moorthy, it takes us through a woman’s relationship with her sari in different environments.

Six stories are woven together with the central thread of the Sari:

  • an old woman close to death tries to find homes for her saris, then later on frees her saris
  • a transgender raps about his sari
  • a weaver is forbidden to wear the silk saris she creates
  • a museum curator grapples with her identity
  • new born babies in the war zone are wrapped in their mother’s sari

These are interesting stories in their own rights.  Some work better than others.  Those that work best develop the worlds that the women inhabit, so that we see the pressures, lack of opportunity and social structures than bind them; and at the same time offer some hope for the future.  Pace is a little hit and miss; there are parts that slow too much, and whilst the scene with the new born babies in the war zone is the most striking, the sudden change is a shock.

Rani Moorthy is an accomplished actor and plays the various characters well.  There is some lovely audience interaction early on which balances the later grittiness well.  The staging is effective, with the saris hung from the ceiling are drawn down to be used to create each new character.  The diverse music that links the separate sections together is one of the best parts, and there is much more scope to develop the way music is used to bring parts to life and define their place.

This is clearly a production that is still being developed.  It stands well on its own right at the moment, but with scope to be developed into a really powerful piece.

photo credit: Lowry press site

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