Monthly Archives: November 2015

Danger Mouse

What I love about Manchester is that there is so much going on and at times you can just stumble over amazing events by accident.  I’m at HOME, planning to work with a pot of tea for the afternoon, and the place is full of people in yellow T-shirts, turns out this is the last… Continue Reading →

Bruntwood Prize

Every two years, the Royal Exchange organises the Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting.  Over the years it’s produced some excellent plays – recently the superb Yen, Britannia Waves the Rules, Mogadishu and Brilliant Adventures all spring to mind.  It’s launched the careers of several well known writers.  Above all, it’s a competition based purely on merit;… Continue Reading →

Northern Lights Writer’s Conference 2015

As the boundaries between different forms of writing continue to blur – theatre, performance, spoken word, poetry increasingly overlap and draw on each other – the novel stands out as a separate form.  True, there are stage adaptations, most notably the Curious Incident and Let the Right One In.  And the Royal Exchange’s 2016 season… Continue Reading →

JB Shorts 14

The thing about JB Shorts is that you know what you’re going to get, and in a world where theatregoers are as concerned about their time as their money, that’s a strong brand that ensures good interest for the long run.  You know that of the six fifteen minute plays, you’re going to really like… Continue Reading →

Possible Impossible Theatre

I’m at Z-Arts on a Saturday morning for a children’s show, on my own; it’s a strange feeling, but I was intrigued by Forced Entertainment’s The Possible Impossible House.  The main Z-Arts auditorium is yet another superb medium sized venue in Manchester, well equipped and with a good sized stage. Claire and Cathy come on… Continue Reading →