Battle of the Minds

I make no secret of how much I respect the work that Contact Theatre does with young people, and the high quality of performance that is produced.  Recent productions have included (with CYC) Shrine of Everyday Things and Under the Covers.  Tonight it’s the turn of Young Identity, a creative writing and performance project for young people aged 13-25 years that meets weekly at Contact.  It’s part of Manchester Literature Festival 2015.

Young people are at the heart of what we do and Battle of the Minds was inspired by discussions led by young writers who spoke passionately about the themes of ‘education’ and ‘knowledge’.

Battle of the Minds is a one hour performance/poetry work that seeks to explore the discontinuity between education and knowledge.  Who do we look to for knowledge?  What role does education have?  How can we make it better?  It’s a well designed, thought provoking piece of work that explores the issues well.  Set in a school environment, individual poetry performances are separated by memories of school life.

What stands out in this performance is the quality of the spoken word.  Across the thirteen performers, works are intelligent, well articulated and balanced.  Some of the poems are stunning.  The subject matters are broad.  The opinions are diverse and well thought through.  It’s an impressive body of work.  And it’s a knowledgeable and appreciative audience.

For more information, this link should take you to the right Contact site.

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