nowt part of

The Eagle Inn in Salford plays host to nowt part of, a biennial festival running from Wednesday 24 to Sunday 28 June and showcasing four new plays.

It’s a good venue, normally used for rock bands.  Seating 40 for theatre, it’s airy with a high ceiling, exposed brickwork, and a reasonable stage area.  Sound and lights look adequate for small scale theatre.  Overall, it’s got a good atmosphere.

Tonight’s performance was Counting Sheep, a work in progress from Brian Marchbank featuring three actors.  It’s always good to see rehearsed readings (see Bloodletting and Studio Salford); I think it is a privilege for an audience to see good work being developed, and to be able to give feedback.  On the basis of this play, the other three (which are fully performed) should be worth seeing.

Nowt part of continues with two more plays on Thursday 25, then all four on Sunday 28 June – The Madcap Laughs, Counting Sheep (rehearsed reading), Pieces of Light and Accident of Birth.


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