Into the Vaults

As far as interesting theatre spaces go, the Vaults in the Kings’ Arms in Salford must be one of the best.  Down in the cellars, this flexible space seats around 20.  It feels more site specific than formal theatre.

I am watching Mike Heath’s Call of Nature, a well structured, thought provoking play that works extremely well in this intimate space.  At its heart, this is an exploration of forgiveness for deeds done and deeds not done.  It’s an intense experience, the consequences of Gaby (Laura Danielle Sharp) taking home two men, trainee priest Abe (Nathan Morris) and rugby player Adam (Darren Longford) laid out right in front of us.

The acting is high quality, creating believable and complex characters.  There is of course nowhere to hide in a venue like this, which makes the audience experience all the more intense.  This was the last day of the run, but if it returns, I recommend seeing this.


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