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Lands of Glass

Photo: Topher McGrillis

Theatre can challenge and shock (for example the recent Confirmation and Call of Nature).  But it can also be beautiful and full of wonder, an adult version of a child’s tale.  Lands of Glass is a performance based on the Alessandro Baricco book of the same name.  It’s a surreal, rambling story about a fictional town named Quinnipak that provides a woman’s… Continue Reading →


The Royal Exchange Studio has been a good place to see interesting and innovative theatre over the years.  At the moment it is going through a revival, presenting  a fascinating mix of renowned touring companies alongside Royal Exchange productions. It’s not quite a monologue, and at times it edges towards a lecture, but Chris Thorpe’s one… Continue Reading →

Into the Vaults

As far as interesting theatre spaces go, the Vaults in the Kings’ Arms in Salford must be one of the best.  Down in the cellars, this flexible space seats around 20.  It feels more site specific than formal theatre. I am watching Mike Heath’s Call of Nature, a well structured, thought provoking play that works extremely well in… Continue Reading →

New Dawn Fades at the Dancehouse


The Dancehouse is one of those Manchester venues you might have missed.  Even walking down Oxford Road, it is easy to just pass by.  But inside you’ll find a spacious, raked auditorium to seat 400, with great atmosphere.  And tonight it was full, the audience both knowledgable and appreciative, for New Dawn Fades, a play… Continue Reading →

The Funfair

The opening production for HOME teams Director Walter Meierjohann (Romeo and Juliet) with Simon Stephens, one of our greatest playwrights (and who adapted Curious Incident), to put on a modern adaptation of  Kasimir and Karoline by Ödön von Horváth.  The original dates from 1929 and deals with the effect of economic recession and the rise of the… Continue Reading →