New theatre at the Adelphi Studio

Adelphi Building, Salford University

It never ceases to amaze me the depth of theatre in Manchester, and the range of performance spaces.  This evening it’s the Adelphi Studio Theatre, part of Salford University, and Next Level Theatre and Film Festival, billed as ‘the creative integration of students from the University of Salford’s third year Theatre and Media degrees’.  The Adelphi Studio Theatre seats maybe 80 and is a typical flexible student space.

First up is Chloe McLaughlin and her piece ‘101’, ‘a show about one woman’s interrogation of the voices around hate crime’.  It’s a tricky area to cover, but Chloe uses real conversations to develop the themes, and shows how hate crime should be a concern for all of us.  It’s more informative than drama, but the characters Chloe creates are well drawn and interesting, with great pace and flow throughout the piece.  The characters are well researched, and there is some great audience interaction.  If the purpose is to convince the audience to take hate crime more seriously then it works brilliantly.

Second is Alexander Suvandzhiev with his solo show ‘Gamblers: All in’.  It has the feel of an Edinburgh Fringe production and is very well acted, again with great characters.  The two stories of gambling everything are interesting in their own right and it is fascinating to see original film footage of an all-or-nothing bet, but there is also a great opportunity to develop this piece, to interweave the strands of the two stories, and to create much more drama out of the situations.

It is always good to see new theatre.  Two talented performers with some good ideas in a space I’ve never visited made for an enjoyable evening.

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