JB Shorts 13

Six months on from JB Shorts 12 I’m back at the Joshua Brooks for another six short plays.  The format is the same – six, fifteen minute plays by ‘top TV writers’.  And in keeping with the imminent General Election, this time there’s politics.  It’s sold out, and the atmosphere in the Joshua Brooks cellars is light hearted.

My picks were:

Of the political pieces, ‘Safe in our Hands’ (Chris Thompson) is one of those carefully crafted pieces that appears lighthearted but in the end really hits you hard.  A rallying call for the NHS, with some clever political comments.   ‘A Muslim, a Jew and a Christian Walk into a Room’ (Nick Ahad) is equally good but very different – examining what sort of world we would live in were all religion outlawed.  Three excellent performances.

TalkTalk (Catherine Hayes) is a lovely and deceptively slow piece about the challenges of working with people with dementia, and the difficulties of finding links to their past.  It builds slowly but as the environment forms, the issues come to the fore.

Illusion (Diane Whitley) is well written and is probably the best overall performance, but the theme is too close to the ‘Prestige’ for originality.

So again a huge range of topics, styles, and depth.  It is after all what it sets out to be – new plays by top TV writers.




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