HOME – first view

HOME.  It’s not quite finished, either outside or inside.  It’s got a good feel – well designed, airy, light, European.  Inside, it feels a long way from the office buildings around.  It’s a great space.  Full of people, it’s vibrant and welcoming.  It’s like the sleek, stylish sofa that replaces the comfortable but worn one that just takes a little bit of time to get used to.

IMG_5966Step into Theatre 1, the brand new 450 seat auditorium, and it’s clear that the performance spaces have been the focus of the project.  A stunning semi-circular design over three levels, similar in feel to the Royal Court, creates an intimate experience.  The tall stage dominates the room.  Wherever you choose, seating in shades of red and orange is extremely comfortable, there is excellent leg room and superb views.  It is an exciting space to walk into.

IMG_5964The production chosen for these test performances was ‘Beauty of the Beast’ by Company Chameleon, a fusion of dance, theatre and music that examines male group dynamics.  It’s a fascinating piece, beautifully performed by the all male cast of six dancers, and well received.  The varied elements of the performance showed off the stage, sound and lights to full effect.


HOME will open gradually over the next month, with films starting on April 24th, theatre from 30th April, the art space opening on 22nd May, and a formal opening ‘weekend’ from 21st to 25th May.  Look out for Simon Stephens’ new version of The Funfair in May.

First impressions?  Great performance space, and a building that needs to be full of people.












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