The Life and Loves of a Nobody

The Life and Loves of a Nobody is the latest offering from what is turning out to be a varied and challenging season at the Lowry studio.  Developed by Sheffield based Third Angel, this is a devised piece (a collaborative effort instead of the traditional writer) exploring the value of life and the price of fame.

I remember going to Sheffield to see another piece of devised theatre – Forced Entertainment’s Tomorrow’s Parties, in October 2013.  That was a packed, knowledgable and loyal audience, and the atmosphere was electric.  This show at the Lowry studio was not well attended and I wonder why Manchester audiences haven’t taken to devised theatre in the same way.  Because this show really is worth seeing.

The Life and Loves of a Nobody charts the life of Rachel as she grows from a broken home through her own relationships and dreams.  It’s got great pace, with a quality text delivered by narrators Rachel Walton and Nick Chambers.  This could be anyone’s story.  Against this are some beautiful visuals, in particular a paper house and a stunning butterfly scene, although the time taken to assemble is distracting.  But what you take from this production is the world that the performers create so effectively.  And what you’re left with are the questions.

What price fame?

What’s wrong with a ‘normal’ life?


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