Too Much Information

Put on your headphones, enable the GPS phone and set off into the streets of Manchester to find highlighted locations.  Listen to the words, look at the surroundings.  Feel how a familiar location changes.  Feel yourself moving in time.

Too Much Information is a new work by Blast Theory,  created in partnership with the Royal Exchange Theatre.  Taking intimate conversations with both young people and over 60s, and placing them around the city centre, familiar locations take on a completely new character.  You are forced to look forwards and backwards – did I feel this way when I was younger, will I feel that way when I am older?  It’s a very intimate piece.

There is no question that ‘theatre’ is changing, and more people want the unique personal experience that this offers.  But it is genuinely hard to do well, and Blast Theory have achieved something very powerful with this production.  This is an audio walk that makes you think not just about Manchester, but also its people, and yourself.



Theatre lover, amateur director, occasional actor, writer.

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