Play4Free – Rehearsed Reading of Bloodletting

Play4Free at the King’s Arms is a great opportunity to try out new material.  Tonight was a rehearsed reading of ‘Bloodletting’, a new play from Emma Gibson, who was one of the two writers on the recent War Stories.  It was performed in the intimate, tightly packed, smaller upstairs theatre.

‘Bloodletting’ is set in a future where wealthy older people buy ‘young blood’ by direct transfusion.  Abi sells her blood in order to try to gain an education.  It’s a good concept, rich in references to our current society, with interesting characters and some great dialogue.

It’s interesting to watch a ‘rehearsed reading’; it’s like watching something being made.  It is the words that matter and it’s up to the audience to visualise the movement and set.  But the focus on words, and the fact that the play is still being developed, gives one a unique insight into the writing process.  Even more interesting will be to compare this to the finished production, which I look forward to seeing.

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