Two events for January

What to see in January after the Christmas season?

Well, I would suggest that the month could easily be filled by two events which I think deserve support.  Both showcase the range of Manchester Fringe Theatre and both offer more plays than you could hope to see in any one month.

First, HOME Re:play Festival which will be held at First Street opposite the soon to be opened HOME theatre.  I commented on the event recently; this is high quality Manchester Fringe theatre with something for everyone.  If you’ve never seen fringe theatre before, here are some of the best from 2014.  It’s a safe introduction, and it’s a surprisingly good venue.

The second event is King’s Arms Play4Free running throughout January.  I know nothing of any of the plays and I suspect there is an element of luck about what you get – I think there are 15 of them in total – but isn’t that the point of trying something new?  Ask around, see what people are saying.  Take recommendations.  It’s a great venue which has been nominated for best Manchester pub.

So that’s my tip for January.  Make the effort to see fringe theatre, and take a chance that you might see something truly amazing and original.


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