The Curious Incident

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime at the Lowry (until 10th January) is a visually spectacular journey into the mind of a teenager who sees the world differently to most people.  It is at the same time exciting and thought provoking.  Complex digital visuals evoking the fear of being trapped in the underground coexist with the real model train set of long-ago childhoods.  It is a play of paradoxes.

The lead role ‘Christopher’, superbly played by Joshua Jenkins, dominates the production and the many other characters revolve around him, sometimes interacting, sometimes passing him by.  The play is his journey to solve the murder of the dog and find his family.  We are caught up in his quest, his hopes, his fears.  We are with him all the way, whether trying to rescue his pet rat from an underground track, or worrying about how he will be able to take his A level.

The play itself is very narrative in style, in line with other recent adaptations, notably ‘Let The Right One In’.   Is this a good thing?  Do we not miss the drama in theatre?  Or are we starting to return to the storytelling tradition?  Are we putting visual effects ahead of drama, as we see in films?  I see more and more London theatre that seems to be going down this route.  I feel mainstream theatre is changing.  The audience is being asked to make less of an effort.

Overall, a brilliant production, superb visual effects and amazing acting.  It’s a good story, but for me there is too much narrative and not enough drama.


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