Smashed at the Lowry

It’s not technically theatre, but ‘Smashed’ by Gandini Juggling is one of the best alternative shows I have seen for a long while.  I do love physical theatre but I appreciate it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

‘Smashed’ highlights the vast skills of the company in both juggling and physical theatre to create a show that runs for an hour and is both visually and emotionally compelling.  It’s set in a tea party, the soundtrack is mainly old movie songs, and most of the action revolves around juggling and manipulating apples, ‘exploring conflict, lost love and quaint afternoon tea’.

Physical theatre is not big in the UK.  It’s more European; go to France, Spain, Eastern Europe, and it’s part of the culture.  But it is hugely influential on what we see in future theatre.  In fact, it has so much to offer in its own right.  I would urge you to see some physical theatre, some circus, some dance, just something different.  It shows what can be done on stage when you push the boundaries.

By the end most of the apples were pulp and most of the teasets were smashed.  But the production had taken us on a journey that nobody in the audience will forget.  Some people took the remaining teacups home as a memento.

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