King’s Arms – Fool for Love

It’s a short walk from Deansgate, over Bridge Street into Salford, but the King’s Arms is well worth a visit for both the bar and the amazing theatre it offers.  It seems to be gaining a growing reputation.


‘Fool for Love’ by Sam Shepherd is a one act play ‘performed relentlessly without a break’.  Expertly directed by Helen Parry, theatre company Blind Faith do exactly that, maintaining the energy and raw emotion from start to finish.  The intimate setting of the King’s Arms reinforces the motel setting, the audience virtually touching the set.  Staging is simple and effective.  Clever use of sound further evokes the setting.

May (Emily Spowage) and Eddie (Pat Lally) are mesmerising as former lovers whose complicated and destructive past is presented with raw emotion.  The play twists and turns through current conflict and old, sometimes hidden, feelings, maintaining a compelling pace.  The key monologues are expertly delivered.  The Old Man (Derek Melling) is both unobtrusive and ever present, Martin (Mark Roberts) wonderfully unaware of what he has walked into.

This was the last night for this play but I look forward to more exciting future from Blind Faith – a theatre company to watch.



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