Contact – 6 new plays

New writing will always be the lifeblood of theatre.  Not only is it a chance for writers to develop their craft, but also for actors and directors.  The latest Contact Compacts features six new fifteen minute plays, set in the  Lounge area of the Contact theatre.  The Contact theatre is a great venue, showcasing new and innovative theatre; I was last here for the excellent Contacting the World festival in July.

The six plays show the huge range of talent and voices that exist in Manchester and the North West.  There were familiar faces from the 24/7 festival in July, and from other fringe and mainstream theatre.  Fifteen minutes is a good length to get across a single concept, allowing time to develop a story and characters.  Each of the plays was different, some achieving their objective better than others.  From the bleak physicality of ‘Hallelujah’ through the brilliantly structured ‘Wings’ and ‘Cream Tea’ to the hit and miss comedy of ‘Boxes’, the plays covered a huge range of emotions and issues.  Some can only exist as fifteen minute plays, others are bursting to be extended to an hour or more.  It’s a great vehicle to test new ideas.

If I had a criticism it would be the lack of strong female roles.  This is where they should be developed.

But a great night with great plays and talented writers, actors and directors.


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