How My Light is Spent

It’s hard to think of a Bruntwood Prize winning play that has used form in this way.  Really this a narrative poem without verse, the two actors both telling the story through direct address to the audience, and acting out the key scenes.  Simply set on a walkway which appears to be suspended from the ceiling, sparsely… Continue Reading →

May Theatre

Two Bank Holidays, the start of summer and colour comes to Manchester’s green spaces.  And there’s great theatre on offer, as always. Spring Reign at the Lowry on 10 May looks like a fascinating insight into the reality of the Syrian conflict, ‘based on real-life accounts collected from Syrian refugees, aid workers, activists, and journalists’…. Continue Reading →

Significant Other

From 18-22 April 2017, the Pensive Federation, a London based theatre company, brought their Significant Other festival to 53two in Manchester.  Ten writers each create a ten minute play, each with a director and two actors – all in ten days. ‘The festival will provide each participant with an opportunity to challenge themselves and creates immediate, current and exciting theatre.’ Last… Continue Reading →

The Lounge

How real should theatre be?  The Lounge from China Plate/Inspector Sands, presented at Contact 20-21 May, ‘shines a spotlight on how we all cope, or fail to cope with growing old’.  We witness the last day of a 97 year old lady as she navigates daily challenges in a care home, never fully accepting that… Continue Reading →

Date Night at the Theatre

When you meet someone new do you run your finger along their bookshelves, wondering which are their favourites, which worlds they inhabit when they are alone? Or take them to the theatre, Show them what is in your head, The worlds you want to create, The characters you want to believe in? You’ve checked the reviews,… Continue Reading →