March Theatre

Fresh from PUSH in January and Queer Contact in February, we move straight into SICK!.  From 8 – 25 March, spread across a range of venues, the Festival celebrates life, death and survival, this year focusing on our relationships with the communities around us.  HOME present theatre in partnership with Dutch Performing Arts including Lolling… Continue Reading →

Made in India

Made in India works on several levels.  On one, it looks at India’s place in the world.  To what extent should India auction off its natural resources to the highest bidder, including its people?  On another, it asks us to consider the issues that affect the daily lives of Indians living in poverty, and how this… Continue Reading →

The Space Between Us

The Space Between Us is a collaboration between the Royal Exchange’s Elder’s Company and Young Company.  This is ‘an eclectic group of performers who play, move and speak together. In this show the actors don’t play characters and don’t tell a story, instead they share their thoughts, feelings and experience.’ The Young Company talk about what they… Continue Reading →

Over the Rainbow

The Warhol Gallery at the Whitworth is just a wall of sound, amorphous and hard to discern.  There is an X on the floor in front of the set; when it is vacant you walk up and hand in your ‘admit one’ ticket.  FK Alexander prepares to one side, puts on her red shoes, her… Continue Reading →


As part of Queer Contact, 201 Dance Company present Smother: Can you stay true to yourself, when everything suggests you change? … A story of two men’s broken encounter. Performed by seven dancers and backed by a beautiful soundtrack, this is an impressive production. It’s apt that for Valentine’s night the focus is on love and relationships.  Comprised of a… Continue Reading →