Cock and Bull

Cock and Bull comes to Manchester courtesy of Word of Warning and the Royal Exchange.  Conceived for the eve of the 2015 UK General Election, three females convene to perform their own, alternative, party conference.  They walk on stage in formal suits, mouths and hands glistening with gold paint.  Very quickly it is clear that the… Continue Reading →

A Busker’s Opera

Leo Burtin and Ali Matthews came to Sale Waterside on 10 March with Best of Both Worlds; a Buskers Opera.  Funnily enough the last time I was in this space was for Leo’s Midnight Soup.  It’s good to be back. I’m still not sure why I love this show so much.  The premise is simple…. Continue Reading →

The Suppliant Women

Originally written by Aeschylus, adapted by David Greig and directed by Ramin Gray, The Suppliant Women tells the story of fifty women who escape forced marriage in Egypt and seek asylum in Greece.  Using a chorus of Manchester women, it’s a perfect play for the Royal Exchange space, creating a claustrophobic but exciting environment to tell… Continue Reading →


In a Bolton housing estate, one house stands out.  The fences are covered with ‘Missing’ posters of Lottie.  The door is open; it’s an open house to finally sell the place.  The two events are nine years apart but are inescapably linked.  Remains looks at the relationship between two young girls after their sister goes missing,… Continue Reading →

Who Pays for Previews?

I write this in response to the news that Lyn Gardner’s weekly preview blog is to stop. Lyn Gardner’s weekly piece was supremely informed, and accessible to a wide range of readers across the country.  Who else can recommend shows that you know will be good?  You travel to a new city, you have an… Continue Reading →