But John Hughes Said It Would Be OK


At the end of the first scene, an actor says: ‘The films of John Hughes spoke to a generation. He captured the angst of adolescence, the highs of teenage adventure and lows of growing up on the wrong side of the tracks in a way which said, “It’s OK.” And we believed him. Perhaps we shouldn’t… Continue Reading →

November Preview – Manpower


We’ve seen some thought provoking theatre in Manchester on the changing roles and challenges for men, including RashDash’s Two Man Show and Gecko’s Institute to name but the two most recent. Coming to the Lowry on 10 November, Manpower is a new performance from award-winning theatre makers Two Destination Language (Alister Lownie and Katherina Radeva) which looks at… Continue Reading →

The Blue Room


Manchester School of Theatre (MMU) bring David Hare’s The Blue Room to HOME.  Based on La Ronde, and similar in structure to the excellent Caresses (also from MST as part of 2016 ¡Viva! Festival), the play follows a Möbius-strip-like sequence of ten sexual encounters, each of two actors, one of whom continues into another liaison in the… Continue Reading →

Gecko Institute


I’ve loved Gecko’s work since watching the Overcoat in Edinburgh five or six years ago.  The current production of Institute at HOME has a similar feel.  This is a show formed from subtle movements, minimal dialogue, and with themes of both isolation and inclusion.  There is a strong feeling of powerlessness, of oppression, of not being… Continue Reading →



The Royal Exchange ‘s B!rth Festival (link) opens with two plays on the subject of state control, one from India, the other from China.  Both plays illuminate very real issues in each country.  Both plays consider situations where science and superstition collide.  Both address big issues through very personal scenes. ‘And all along you thought… Continue Reading →